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Who gives a FAQ?

Fetus is a narrative driven streetwear brand that works at the intersection of Fashion, culture and technology. Our brand is built around the story
of the protagonist, Fetus who was banished from his planet for creating
and now resides in Delhi.

And YES! He chose his own name when he decided to start a new life on earth.

Everyone asks who is fetus, no one asks how is fetus ;(

The narrative is through the lens of Fetus. His life, his experiences and the friends he will make along the way.

Our aim is to build a large universe that is connected to real life.

A separate micro site coming soon.

Create immersive mythologies for a new world.

Each Fetus article is created in limited quantities, with some
being rarer than the others. A rarer article is not only lesser in
number but also holds an important place in the narrative. These
articles are classified using four tags to indicate their rarity, with
'Mythic' being the most coveted. All articles are premade, and once they
are gone, they are gone forever.

Level of Rarity ⟶
Mythic > Legendary > Rare > Limited

You can follow fetus on his instagram where he shares his life story and sometimes brand updates and in the future discord.

You can also subscribe to our mailer, where we will give updates on early access, exclusive content and interplanetary news. :)

We've just launched the brand and Fetus himself and we are building a deeper narrative and web3 loyalty program as we write this answer.

Fetus is an experience that we are aiming to build over years nay say decades to come.