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About the brand

Who / What is fetus?

Fetus® is a narrative driven streetwear brand that works at the intersection of fashion, culture and technology. Through the lens of our protagonist, Fetus, who was banished from his planet and now resides in Delhi, the brand is founded on themes of identity and nonconformity.

Our goal is to become a leading fashion house, utilizing the power of web3 technology and a strong narrative to build an experience for our customers in both physical and digital realms.

Everyone asks what is fetus no one asks how is fetus? ;(

Our vision is to create immersive mythologies and build a global next generation fashion house.


Birth of New Aesthetics

Fashion is synonymous with newness, but how much of the shiny glitter is actually gold? Recurring cycle of trends, brands cannibalising each other’s designs and ostentatious collaborations with little substance. Reused, recycled and reduced - to nothing.
 The Birth of New Aesthetics is a rejection of the old ways, a reclamation of individuality and a rebuttal to the ordinary.

We welcome all brands to embrace our idea and manifesto.
 Forget the hype culture. Embrace new aesthetics.


Download Brand Assets

Chapters are drops that tell a part of Fetus’s story. These stories are expressed through garments and accessories and sometimes artworks like NFTs, art books and posters. Here is a glimpse from our collections:

Every fetus clothing gets shipped in a Tinbox with extra trinkets like an artbook, poster and a manifesto pin.

Meet fetus, your lord and savior

Born in the superior civilizations in a distant galaxy, Fetus is a creature of immense intelligence and talents, he now resides amongst us earthlings. Fetus lives in a constant state of rebellion against the ordinary and the hype culture bandwagon. Much of what he does, stems from an innate desire to lead and to be followed. While he is not busy plotting his next move to expand his army of followers, you'll find him spending time curating his playlists in solitude.

Instagram: @byfetus

Behind the scenes

CEO / Kawaii

Who has seven years of experience in branding, strategy and juggling work life balance? This guy!



Tired of designing for global mammoths since 2018, Pradhyumn brings the creative heat for Fetus and makes sure everything that goes out into the world slays.



Jumping from Design Direction for traditional media, to creating immersive experiences for the Metaverse, Aravind has done it all. Currently, he is busy planning the next big thing in the life of Fetus.


For bookings & inquiries, contact hi@byfetus.com

Fetus is open to collaborate with brands and individuals that share his vision.
If you want him to be the face of your brand or be a partner, feel free to shoot a mail.

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