Roadmap - NFT – Fetus इसे छोड़कर सामग्री पर बढ़ने के लिए


Roadmap 2023Our vision is to create immersive mythologies and build a global next generation fashion house.NFTs allow us to grant exclusive access and rewards to our most passionate audience with early access to chapters, exclusive content, offers and surprise airdrops!

We will be dropping NFTs with every chapter that give perks related to that chapter, exploring crucial plot points.
Keep a look out for this page, we'll be constantly fleshing it out and adding in more (never removing) details.

Chapter 01


MARCH 2023

✦ Detailed Roadmap is live! — DONE

Free NFT minted and airdropped automatically to current NFT holders by end of March.DONE


APRIL 2023

✦ Launch of our Discord Server and Twitter account marking the start of our community building process. — DELAYED TO Q4 2023


MAY 2023

Dropping new NFT teasing Chapter 02! More details reveal closer to launch.DONE


Chapter 02

JUNE 2023

✦ All NFT holders get a chance to win a physical mystery box through online raffle. — DONE

✦ Exclusive items available to grab for NFT holders. More details reveal closer to launch. DELAYED TO 2024



✦ Get a chance to win a mystery box through an raffle at pop event. — DONE


Secret Side Quest


Chapter 03


Dropping teaser film for Chapter 03! — DONE


NOV 2023

✦ Chapter 03 Revealed! — DONE


We are still planning out a lot of cool features and perks but can't commit dates to them, but expect the following:

Exit Strategy for Buyers: Our NFT holders are our biggest fans and investors. Next year, We will give a chance to all our NFT holders to sell back all our NFTs at launch price. These NFTs will later be given to a charity of our choice.

Friends of Fetus: We will be making exclusive channels where only a select few can enter and converse and maybe meet fetus in the metaverse!

✦ Surprise Airdrops: We will be dropping free NFTs to all our NFT holders and upgrading their perks.

✦ Motherlode NFT: We will be dropping a high value one-of-a-kind NFT with all the perks combined.
Expect this in 2025.